Company History

SA & J Electronics Inc., was founded in 1982, by August Malatia.  After 15 years at WMAQ-TV, in Chicago, Augie, decided its was time for a change and left to open up SA&J.  He started out with only a few clients, while working out of his basement.  As more and more people started to leave the TV stations and start production on their own, SA&J's client base really started to grow. 

After a few years, it was necessary to move the business to a "real shop" and get some more help.  In 1991, SA&J moved to Morton Grove, IL (near northwest suburb of Chicago) and hired two more people.  During that time, SA&J also expanded from just repairing equipment to also selling and manufacturing specialty products for the ENG community.

After years of long nights and hard work, his dedication paid off.  In September 1995, SA&J made a big move to 1060 W. Huron St., in the heart of Downtown Chicago.  Our Chicago Shop gave us the room we needed to handle all of our growing needs as well providing a more convenient location for our clients.

During our years on Huron Street we added Sachtler, Lectrosonics and others to our service arsenal. We also expanded our sales and manufacturing departments. 

With our continued growth, it again became necessary to increase the size of our shop, and on September 20th, 1999, SA&J moved to Chicago's Goose Island, which was only about a mile from the Huron Street location, still in the heart of Chicago. 

In November 2009, we moved back to suburbs and are still going strong.

We were named an Authorized Dealer for the following Manufacture's on the dates indicated:

  • Sachtler, July 2002
  • Petrol Bags, July 2002
  • Lectrosonics, August 2002
  • BEC, September, 2002
  • Anton/Bauer, October 2002
  • Tram, October 2002
  • PSC - Professional Sound Corp.,  October 2002
  • Remote Audio, November 2002
  • Rip-Tie, February 2004
  • Frezzi, May 2004
  • Sennheiser, October 2004
  • Sanken, January 2005
  • K-Tek, February 2005
  • Countryman, September 2006
  • Rode, November 2006