Repair Service Rates

Sachtler Tripods

Sachtler Fluid Heads & Sticks
Pan, Tilt, Counter Balance and the Legs are each considered a section
Flat Rate Charges do not apply to 150mm models or units with non-standard issues
Flat Rate Labor
Regular Service $ 215 /section
Priority Service $ 322 /section

Lavalier Mics

Lavalier Mic Repairs: Tram, Sony, Sennheiser, Countryman, Sanken, Shure, etc.
Flat Rate Labor
Lavalier Mic Connector
Installation, Rebutting or Replacing Most Connectors on Lavalier Mics (TA5F, TA4F, TA3F, 3.5mm Mini Plugs, 4pin Hirose)
$ 52 /each
Lavalier Mic Power Suppy
Rebutting cable on a Hardwired Lavalier Mic Power Supply
$ 70 /each
Priority Lavalier Service Surcharge
Additional Charge to above rates for Priority Lavalier Repairs
$ 25 /each

Cable & Connector Wiring

Audio, Video & Data Cables $ 60 - $ 105 /hour


Miscellaneous Broadcast Equipment $ 60 - $ 125 /hour
  • A Maintenance Materials Charge of $15 will apply to all repairs except for Lavalier Mics & Cable Repairs.
  • A Minimum Pre-Authorized Amount is Required on All Repairs. For Hourly Rate Repairs, at least two (2) Hours is Required. For Flat Labor Rate Repairs, the Flat Labor Rate is Required. Our Regular turn-a-round time is generally 3 - 9 business days.
  • Priority Service allows our clients to red flag their equipment and expedite the evaluation/repair process to get their unit back quicker. We generally try and repair all priority items within 3 business days.
  • With either service option the depth of the problem and availability of parts really determines the repair time.
  • Refused Estimates will be charged an evaluation fee of two hours at the appropriate Hourly Rate or for Flat Labor Rate Repairs, the Flat Labor Rate will be charged. Exception: Lavalier Mics will be charged a $25 evaluation fee per mic. Return shipping charges are additional.
  • Flat Rate Labor Charges Apply to Standard/Routine Repairs. Items with Difficult or Excessive Problems Will Be Charged A Higher Rate.
  • Parts Charges are Additional for All Repairs.
  • Rates subject to change without notice