Sachtler Diagrams & Exploded Parts Views

Welcome to our Diagrams of Sachtler's Fluid Heads and Sticks page.  All diagrams are in PDF format, so you will need Acrobat Reader to view them. 

The diagrams are broken down by model number.  Each model will contain approximately 7-15 pages of diagrams.  

Don't know the model number of your sticks?  Checkout our Help Sticks Model Number Chart file in the below list.  Also please read our Replacement Parts Warning.

Orders for replacement parts must be placed through our website.

After you find the part number that you need, you can check real-time price & availability by entering the part number into the search box located on the top of this page or any other page on our site.

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Can't find your Model in the above list?

If you are looking for a specific part for a model not in the list, we can send you a screenshot of that one section, as we are prohibited from posting exploded parts views on select products. Please email us, providing the model number and a detailed description of the part you are looking for so we can email you the correct information.

Replacement Parts Warning

When selecting replacement parts for your tripod sticks, look for these key differences between models:

  • Carbon-Fiber (black) or Aluminum Legs (black or silver)
  • 75mm, 100mm (ENG) or 150mm Bowl (EFP)
  • 1 stage (one brake per leg) or 2 stage (two brakes per leg)
  • Regular (ENG/thinner poles) or Heavy-Duty (EFP/thicker poles)
  • The type/shape of the brake knobs (e.g. twist locks vs flip locks and the actual shape of the knobs)

If you are ordering replacement parts to repair your piece of equipment on your own, please be sure you are ordering the correct part for your model. A lot of drawings look the same, but there are slight differences. We are not responsible for the wrong parts being ordered, so please visit our Order Info Page to view our return policy. We offer the drawings online for reference, so please be sure and order at your own risk.