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SA&J MQBAC-CAM-NN Beta Snake Cable With 8pin Neutricon Break Away Camera End Only With 8pin

SA & J Electronics Inc.
Beta Snake Cable With 8pin Neutricon Break Away, Camera End Only With 8pin Neutricon Breakaway Connector To (2) 3pin Male XLRs & 1/8" (3.5mm) Rt. Angle Stereo Plug & 1/8" (3.5mm) Mono Ifb Jack, 2½ ft.
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Product Notes

This Is The Camera End Only Of Our Mqbac Series Cables.  The Camera End Is 2 1/2 Feet Long And Is Terminated With Two Neutrik 3pin XLR Male Connectors, One 1/8" Stereo Right Angle Mini Plug, One 1/8" Mono* Jack For A Telex, Or Equivalent, Earpiece And The Break Away Connector Is A Neutrik 8pin Neutricon Female.  All Neutrik XLR Connectors Have A Black Housing With Gold Contacts.

*-For A (3.5mm) Stereo Monitoring Jack Use Item#Mqbac-Cam-Nn-3.5sj

**** Compatible With SA&J 8pin Neutricon & PSC 8pin Neutricon Cables.   This Item Is Not Compatible With Cables Made By Remote Audio Which Require A Different Wiring Configuration... Please Call For Ordering Ones That Are Compatible With Remote Audio Version.