Rip-Tie N-16-G02 Cinch Strap Eg 1" X 16" 2-Pack Max Bundle Diameter 4.25"

Our Item# RT-CSX-16-G02
Mfr# N-16-G02
Cinch Strap Eg, 1 X 16 inches, 2-Pack, Max Bundle Diameter 4.25"
Available to Order Ships in ~12-15 business days
Available In Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Red, Violet, White, Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow

Product Notes

Rip-Tie CinchStrap-EG

Heavy Duty Strap Good For ~10000 Refastenings

The CinchStrap-EG lets you take the stress off horizontal cable runs and safely organize cables from wiring racks, mobile carts, along walls, over doorways and in wiring closets.

Made from durable hook and loop material and a solid brass spur grommet.

• Attaches to any rack or surface. Use any fastener up to 1/4" diameter for mounting.

• Buckle cinch gives you more leverage.

• Brass grommet. Non-magnetic grommet spreads fastener load evenly without risk of ripping fabric.

• Durable hook and loop material lets you reorganize cable over and over again, up to 10,000 times.