Rip-Tie E-18-010 Cable Wrap 2" X 18" 10-Pack Max Bundle Diameter 4"

Our Item# RT-CW-18-010
Mfr# E-18-010
CableWrap, 2 X 18 inches, 10-Pack, Max Bundle Diameter 4"
List Price $76.25
Our Price $68.30
Available to Order Ships in ~10-13 business days
Available In Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Red, Violet, White, Yellow or Rainbow (Equal Assortment of the 10 Primary Colors), Plus Write-On Tab Option

Product Notes

Rip-Tie CableWrap

Fast! Install in seconds.

Easy! Handy pull-tab release allows you to rearrange cable groupings with ease.

Tidy! Keeps cables neatly and safely out of your way.

Heavy Duty Strap for ~10000 Refastenings

• end permanently attaches to the cable...the other end has a pull tab to free the Rip-Tie with one hand.

• Durable, made of the best quality hook and loop touch fastener...tested for 10,000 closures with no loss of holding strength.

• Used in many industries and by home users, wherever it is important to secure cables, keep them organized, and eliminate cable safety hazards.

• 11 sizes, 14 colors, plus the Rainbow Pack...all ten colors of the EIA Code in one package.

• Reusable and permanent...won't add nonrecyclable materials to the environment. You can stop throwing cut plastic ties away.

The 2" wide Rip-Tie Cable Wrap has two grommetted holes and a flap to cover the heads of the 50 lbs. tie that hold the weap on to the cable.  The brass spur grommets keep the hool & loop from tearing.  The flap protects the uses hands from cuts and nicks.
Rip-Tie Cable Wrap

• Fast! Install In Seconds.

• Easy! Handy Pull-Tab Release.

• Tidy! Keeps Cables Neat And Organized.

• Patented...One End Permanently Attaches To The Cable...The Other End Has A Pull Tab To Release The Rip-Tie With One Hand.

• Durable, Made Of The Best Quality Hook And Loop Touch Fastener...Tested For 10, 000 Closures With No Loss Of Holding Strength.

• Used In Many Industries And In The Home....Wherever It Is Important To Secure Cables, Keep Them Organized, And Eliminate Cable Safety Hazards.

• Reusable And Permanently Attached. You Can Stop Throwing Cut Plastic Tie Away.

• 12 Sizes, 14 Colors Plus The Rainbow Pack On Select Models (Rainbow Pack Is All Ten Colors Of The Eia Code In One Package).