Rip-Tie Y-12-010 Lite 1/2" X 12" 10-Pack Max Bundle Diameter 2.75"

Our Item# RT-LT-12-010
Mfr# Y-12-010
Lite, 1/2 X 12 inches, 10-Pack, Max Bundle Diameter 2.75"
Available to Order Ships in ~12-15 business days
Available In 10 Primary Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Red, Violet, White or Yellow

Product Notes

Rip-Tie Lite
Light Duty Strap Good for ~200 Refastenings
  • Ideal for bundling & organizing computer and network cables.
  • Made of one piece of double-sided hook and loop fastener. It has a die-cut slot for attachment to a single cable.
  • Good for ~200 re-fastenings.
  • Perfect for use on equipment, home theatre and audio systems, tools, appliances and more.