Rip-Tie G-P8-131 Rip Wrap Perforated Every 8" 1/2" X 8" 131 Piece Roll

Our Item# RT-RWP-P8-131
Mfr# G-P8-131
Ripwrap Perforated Every 8 inches, 1/2" X 8", 131 Piece Roll, Max Bundle Diameter 2"
Available to Order Ships in ~12-15 business days
Available in Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange Violet, White or Yellow

Product Notes

Rip-Tie Rip Wrap

Economy Strap For ~25 Refastenings

• Low, Low Cost
• Non-Adhesive, Self-Griping Tape

Rip Wrap can be used to bundle Fiber Optic and structured cables INSTEAD of nylon wire ties; in fact, many cable manufactures are recommending "soft-hold" hook and loop ties for use with sensitive data cables. Now RipWrap makes that switch even easier and more cost efficient.

There are unlimited number of applications: Wire Harness assembly, Medical Tubing, Home Theatre, Audio equipment. Because it is so inexpensive and weather resistant, it can also be used in Nurseries, Orchards, Vineyards, Tree Farm, Florists, and for Gardening.

• Available in both continuous and perforated rolls.
• 4 different widths - 1/2" , 1" , 1-1/2" and 2"
• 7 different colors - Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, White, Yellow
• 2" overlap yields 3.0 psi shear strength.