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Sennheiser MKH800-P48 Condenser Multi-Pattern Microphone Omni Wide Cardioid Cardioid

Our Item# SEN-MKH800-P48
Mfr# MKH800-P48
Condenser, Multi-Pattern Microphone Omni, Wide Cardioid, Cardioid, Super-Cardioid & Figure Eight With Attenuation
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Product Notes

Condenser, multi-pattern microphone omni, wide cardioid, cardioid, super-cardioid & figure eight with attenuation (-6 & -12dB), treble boost (+3 & +6 dB at 10 kHz) and bass cut switches (-3 & -6 dB at 50 Hz). Integrated LED facilitates exact orientation of microphone, includes: MZQ80, MZW80, MZS80, aluminum carry case