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Sachtler sko13b0970 Balance Spring

Our Item# sko13b0970
Mfr# sko13b0970
Discontinued - No Longer Available - No Replacement Number, Balance Spring, New Number For B-1820-060 (Sko13b0926) & B-1820-065 (Sko13b0965) & B-2020-010 (Sko14b0123)

Discontinued Item - No Longer Available

Product Notes

This item has been discontinued and is No Longer Available. No Replacement Number available.
This item was a replacement for old part numbers:
  • B-1820-060 (sko13b0926)
  • B-1820-065 (sko13b0965)
  • B-2020-010 (sko14b0123)