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Sachtler sko16e0556 Knob Tilt/Pan Brake

Our Item# sko16e0556
Mfr# sko16e0556
Knob, Tilt/Pan Brake
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Product Notes

Use This Item (#Sko16e0556) With Screw#M4x8d6912a2

This Part Can Be Used In Place Of#2000-07 (Sko14e0144) And #2000s-45 (Sko14e1245).

Tilt Brake Knob For Models:  DV6 DV6SB DV8 DV8SB DV12 DV12SB DV15 V15P V15SB V14 V14II

Can Also Be Used As The Tilt Brake Knob For The Following Sachtler Models When Used With A M4x8d6912a2 Screw: V18 V18II V18III V18P 18SB V20 V20II V20III V20P V20SB Caddy