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Windtech WT900-12 Windscreen All Foam Black 1 5/8" Large For Hand Held Mics Shure Sm48 Sm53

Our Item# WT900-12
Mfr# WT900-12
Windscreen, All Foam, Black, 1 5/8" Large, For Hand Held Mics: Shure Sm48, Sm53, Sm54, Sm58, Sm87, Sm96, Vp88, Beta58, Beta57; Beyer M59; Ev Re50b; Sennheiser: E825s E865 Md21 Md400 Md500

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Product Notes

These Windscreens Use A Proprietary Non Heat Manufacturing Process And Are Constructed From A Specially Developed Hypoallergenic, Washable Open Cell Foam Called Sonicfoam™. The Use Of Sonicfoam™ Permits The Free Passage Of Sound Energy Waves Without Affecting Microphone Frequency Response. While Remaining Acoustically Transparent, These Windscreens Are Engineered To Reduce Wind Velocity, Which Eliminates Wind Noise, Pop Noises And Breath Sounds From The Performer.

• Hypoallergenic Washable Open Cell Foam
• Inside Diameter: 1.625" (41 Mm)
• Inside Depth: 2.125" (53 Mm)
• Overall Height: 2.75" (69 Mm)
• Overall Diameter: 2.25" (57 Mm)
• Colors Available: 1-22

Fits The Following Microphones:
• Akg D40, D50, D60, D80, D90, D95, D125, D130, D190, D200, D310, D321, D330, D590, D770, D880, C535, Ck4, D3700, D3800, D5900
• Audio Technica Atm23, Atm25, Atm29, Atm31, Atm41, Atm61, Atm91, At801, At802, At813, At814, Atw737, Atw-T602, Mb1000, Pro-1a, Pro-2as, Pro-3, Pro-4, Pro-5, Pro-10
• Audix Om-3, Om-5, Om-6, Om-7, Vx-10
• Beyer Bm85, Em85, M01, M59, M69, M260, M300, M400, M500, Mce81, Tgx-20, Tgx-40, Tgx-58, Tgx-60, Tgx-80
• E.V. Bk1, Co5, Co7, Co9, Ds35, Mc100, 150, 300, Mt200, N/D247, 257, 267, N/D357, 367, 457, 757, Nd/767, Pl50, Pl60, Pl70, Pl77, Pl80, Re11, Re16, Re18, Re50/B
• Nady Sp-1/3/4/5/9/10, White14/15, UH10
Neumann Kms105, Kms140, Kms150
• Peavey PVM835, PVM880; Celebrity, Paa250, Pv, Pvi
• Sennheiser Me65, Md21, Md200, Md400, Md416, Md425, Md427, Md429, Md511, Md512, Md515, Md516, Md735, Md736, Mke44, Skm3072, Skm5000, Skm100, Skm300, Skm500, Skp30
• Shure 12a, 14a 587, 587sb, Beta 58, Beta 87a/C, Bg 3.0, Pe15, Pe75, Pe85, Pe86, Sm48, Sm53, Sm54, Sm58, Sm87, Sm96, Vp88
• Telex Ht700
• Most 'ball' Type Microphones Up To 2.25" Diameter.

The Following Colors Are Also Available On A Special Order Basis:
01-Grey, 02-White, 03-Yellow, 04-Red, 05-Royal Blue, 06-Purple, 07-Tangerine, 08-Orange, 09-Brown, 10-Pink, 11-Green, 12-Black, 13-Light_grey, 14-Navy_blue, 15-Mauve, 16-French Blue, 17-Apricot, 18-Sea Green, 19-Tan, 20-Neon_pink, 21-Neon_yellow, 22-Neon_green