Sachtler sko13e0460 Disc Toothed Rosette For V18III V20III

Our Item# 1800-60
Mfr# sko13e0460
Discontinued 12/2019, See Item Notes For Possible Substitute. Disc, Toothed, Rosette, For V18III, V20III

Discontinued Item - No Longer Available

Product Notes

#1800-60 (sko13e0460) has been discontinued by the manufacture and is no longer available to purchase.  You can use Item#s2362-1933 [] as a similar substitute with the following caveats: You will only be able to secure the rosette with 2 screws (instead of 4 screws) and will not be able to secure the rosette with any pins.
#1800-60 (sko13e0460) Attaches To Head With Qty-4 #M4x12D7991A2 Screws And Qty-2 #4M6x10D6325 Pins