Remote Audio ANSMAP-F Flexible UHF Antenna Kit SMA Connector A7u A6u Amm For Lectrosonics Fixed &

Remote Audio
Flexible UHF Antenna Kit, SMA Connector, A7u A6u Amm, For Lectrosonics Fixed & Frequency Agile UHF Transmitters: UM400 UM200C UM250 UM195B UM190B, Includes Colored Caps & Cut Template
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Product Notes

Replacement For Lectrosonics Item #A7u, #A6u, #Amm & #Amm-Kit

Ultra Flexible SMA Antenna Kit For Lectrosonics 200, 400 Series Transmitter, 190B/195B Transmitter, Zaxcom Eng Receiver. This Antenna’s Connector Employs Moulded-On Strain Relief. Includes Frequency Trimming Chart And Color Coding Bands.

This Antenna Is Good For Bodypack Use As It Is Less Rigid Than The Miracle Whip Type Antenna.

Compatible With Lectrosonics Fixed & Frequency Agile UHF Transmitters: UM400 UM200 UM200C UM250 UM195B UM190B; Zaxcom Eng Receiver

This Antenna Can Be Trimmed To Length For All Common UHF Frequencies. Each Antenna Includes A Ruler For Trimming To The Proper Frequency, A Soft End Cap, And Colored Bands To Code Them With. Cut It, Code It, Cap It.

** Special Cutting Instructions For Fixed Frequency UHF Systems (UM190B/UM195B): Cut Antenna Halfway In Between Blocks 21 & 22)