Remote Audio ANL5 Antenna 3/32" 2.5mm Locking Micro Mini Plug Lectrosonics UHF/VHF Old Style

Our Item# REM-ANT5U
Remote Audio
Mfr# ANL5
Antenna, 3/32" (2.5mm) Locking Micro Mini Plug, Lectrosonics UHF/VHF Old Style M-Series Transmitters M185 M187 UM190 UM195 With The Antenna Jack By The Battery Compartment
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Product Notes

The Miracle Whip By Remote Audio Is An Antenna Designed To Withstand The Rigors Of On-Location Production Without Bending Or Breaking, And At A Likeable Price.

The Miracle Whip Addresses The Three Most Common Problems You Can Have With Wireless Mic Antennas: Bending, Breaking, And Losing. Bent Antennas Are Not As Effective As Straight Ones, And  Reduce The Range Of Your System. Broken Antennas And Lost Antennas Are Equally Useless.

Miracle Whips Use A Revolutionary New Material That Will Always Straighten, And They Are The Strongest Of Any Antennas We've Tested. And When You Lose One, These Miracle Antennas Are Priced Low Enough That Keeping Spares Around Is Easy.