Rip-Tie H-11-ESNT Econo Wrap With Snap-On Attachment 1" X 11" Max Bundle Diameter 3.5" 20-Pack

Our Item# RT-H-11-ESNT
Mfr# H-11-ESNT
EconoWrap With Snap-On Attachment, 1" X 11", Max Bundle Diameter 3.5", 20-Pack
Available to Order Ships in ~12-15 business days
Available In 10 Primary Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Red, Violet, White or Yellow

Product Notes

EconoWrap Snap-On

• At Least 2000 Re-Fastenings.

• Available In 1" Width.

• 10 Colors Are Available.

• Install EconoWrap With Enclosed Rivets.

• It Easily Slides Up And Down On The Cable.

• Sewn, Not Heat Bonded