SA&J 4W/23XF-2W/*-INT-XX 4-Wire To 2-Wire Intercom Adapter Cable Only For Use With Existing SA&J

Our Item# 3XX-23XF-4W2WINT-XX
SA & J Electronics Inc.
Mfr# 4W/23XF-2W/*-INT-XX
4-Wire To 2-Wire Intercom Adapter Cable, Only For Use With Existing SA&J 4-Wire Intercom/Tally CCU Cables To Convert To 2-Wire Intercom (If CCU Supports It†), 1.5 ft., Custom Lengths Available
Available to Order Ships in ~6-9 business days
Select connector for the 2-Wire ENG/PROD I/O intercom connection on this cable and the CCU brand being used with

Product Notes

Allows use of our SA&J 4-Wire Intercom/Tally CCU Cables with a 2-Wire Intercom System (only if your CCU supports 4W or 2W through a menu setting).

This cable has Two (2) 3pin XLR Female connectors to connect to the SA&J 4-Wire Intercom/Tally Cable and can be configured with a single 3pin XLR Male or 3pin XLR Female for the 2-Wire intercom connection.  If you are looking for a cable with two (2) separate ENG/PROD I/O XLRs see this item.

Standard cable length is 1.5 ft. (18 inches), custom lengths available.

† Note: This 4-Wire to 2-Wire Adapter Cable will only work if your CCU supports both 4-Wire and 2-Wire intercom systems through a selectable menu setting.  Most Sony and Panasonic CCU's support both with a menu setting, but please reference your unit's manual to confirm.  The Blackmagic CCU #CINEURSANWFRSTUD only supports 4-Wire Intercom systems, so this cable will not work with that model.