SA&J DB25M-83XF-TALLY/V4-XX Tally Output Breakout XLR Cable For Panasonic AVHS450 Switcher DB25 Male 8 XLRs

Our Item# DB25M-83XF-TALLY/V4-XX
SA & J Electronics Inc.
10 ft. 8-Channel Tally Output Breakout XLR Cable For Panasonic AVHS450 Switcher, DB25 Male To Eight 3pin XLR Females, Works With SA&J CCU Tally/Intercom Cables, Custom Lengths Available
Available to Order Ships in ~8-11 business days

Product Notes

DB25 Male To 8 3pin XLR Females (GPI/Tally Out) Breakout Cable.  Works With Tally Portion Of Our SA&J Intercom/Tally CCU Cables (if your CCU supports this type of tally circuit).
Works With:
  • Panasonic AV-HS450 (AV-HS450N, AV-HS450E, AVHS450, AVHS450N, AVHS450E)
    Note: On the AVHS450 series the DB25 Female Connector is located on the back of the actual desktop switcher and not on the rack mounted control unit. 
    Note: The AVHS450 series uses voltage (not closed contact) to activate/deactivate tally

Works with Tally portion of our SA&J CCU Tally/Intercom Cables

These cables are made in-house and are made upon order.  Custom lengths and/or custom XLR genders available.


Please note that not all CCU's, tally systems and intercom systems are compatible, so please refer to your system's specifications for more information on capabilities, configuration and use.

Ensure that the menu settings on your switcher and on the camera CCU are set properly and that the tally circuits are compatible.

Tally XLR wiring: Tally XLR's are wired Pin2: Tally-X (hot), Pin3: Tally-Y (cold). The normal procedure to turn on a Tally light would be to short XLR pins 2 & 3 which completes (closes) the circuit and therefore turns on the Tally (some units may differ, refer to your units service manual for complete information).