Sachtler 5382 Tripod Sticks CF100Long Carbon Fiber 1-Stage 100mm Bowl Payload 99 lbs

Our Item# 5382
Mfr# 5382
Tripod Sticks, CF100Long, Carbon Fiber, 1-Stage, 100mm Bowl, Payload: 99 lbs., Height 25.6" To 55.9", Spreader/Feet Not Included
List Price $2,200.00
Our Price $2,090.00
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Product Notes

Single Extension Tripods Are Fitted With The Sachtler Rotary Clamping System, Which Delivers The Speed And Mobility That News Professionals And Other Users Need. Whatever The Acquisition Needs, Sachtler Sets You Up Ahead Of The Rest.
Carbon Fiber – Particularly Twist Resistant
The Carbon Fiber Used By Sachtler To Produce Its Tripods Is Particularly Twist Resistant, Because It Is Drawn Out Of One Piece. Carbon Fiber Is Lighter Than Dural Aluminium And Ensures Maximum Stability And Carrying Capacity.

The Standard Carbon Fiber Tripods Cf100 L And Cf100 M Both Have Tube Diameters Of 16 Mm / 0.63", While The HD Version Cf100hd Has A Tube Diameter Of 22 Mm / 0.87", Which Gives It A Maximum Load Of 90 Kg / 198 Lb. All Models In The Line Feature The Sachtler Rotary Clamping System. Carbon Fiber Tripods Are Both Extremely Lightweight And Highly Stable. For Example, The Cf 100 M Weighs Just 1.8 Kg / 4 Lb And Has A Maximum Load Of 45 Kg / 99 Lb! Sachtler Carbon Fiber Single Extension Tripods Are As Solid As A Rock And Light As A Feather At The Same Time.


Weight Kg / Lb:
2.3 / 5.1

Payload Kg / Lb:
45 / 99

Height Min. - Max. Cm / in.:
64.5 - 141 / 25.4 - 55.5

Transport Length Cm / in.:
82.5 / 32.5

Off-Ground Spreader: (Sold Separately)
7007 + 7004

Spreader: (Sold Separately)
Sp 100 Or Sp 100/150

Dollies: (Sold Separately)
Dolly S, Dolly Dv 12

Tripod CF 100 L