Sachtler 7001 Spreader Sp 75 On-Ground Light-Duty Black For All Sticks With A 75mm Bowl

Our Item# 7001
Mfr# 7001
Spreader, On-Ground, Light-Duty, Black, For Most Sachtler Tripod Sticks With A 75mm Bowl (Not Compatible With Flowtech Tripods)
Available to Order Ships in ~5-8 business days

Product Notes

Sachtler Ground Spreader SP 75
Weight Kg / Lb:    
0.6kg (1.3 lbs)
Payload Kg / Lb:    
40kg (88 lbs)
Build Up Radius Cm/In.:    
33cm - 58cm (13" - 22.8")  
Recommended For:    
Most Sachtler Tripods With A 75mm Bowl (not compatible with Flowtech, Soom or tripods with integrated foot)