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Lectrosonics MCA5X Plug-On Transmitter Adapter 3pin XLR Male To 5pin Mini XLR Male

Our Item# ADPT-3XM-TA5M
Mfr# MCA5X
Plug-On Transmitter Adapter, Allows Use Of Lavalier Mics Wired Universally For Lectro Body Pack Transmitters To Work With Lectrosonics H Uh Hm Series Transmitters, 3pin XLR Male To 5pin Mini XLR Male
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Product Notes

This Adapter Allows The Use Of Lav Mics With A TA5F Connector To Be Used With The Lectrosonics H-Series (H, Uh And Hm) Hand Held Transmitters.
The Mca5x Only Works With Lectrosonics UH And HM Transmitters. It Does Not Work When Connected To A Microphone Input On A Mixer Or A Recorder.
  • Adapts Lectrosonics Headset And Lavalier Microphones Equipped With 5-Pin (TA5F) Plugs (Non-Servo Bias Wiring) To Work With Lectrosonics Plug-On Uh And Hm Transmitters.
  • Converts 4.5 Volt Phantom Power Provided By Plug-On Transmitter To DC Bias Voltage Needed By Lectrosonics Electret Microphones.
  • Internal Zener Diode Protects Microphone From Greater Than 6 Volt Phantom Power On XLR Jack.
The Mca5x Adapts Lectrosonics Headset Or Lavalier Microphones Equipped With A 5-Pin Plug To Work With Lectrosonics Plug-On Transmitters, Including Digital Hybrid (400 Series), 200 Series And 100 Series Transmitters
Made With A Rugged Nickel-Plated Steel Housing, The Mca5x Two inches Long And .75 inches In Diameter.
Note: This adapter will work with old style wiring and universal wiring only.  It will not work with a lavalier microphone that is wired to work with servo bias only.