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Sony 124944111 Refer To Sony Bulletin50-1995-023 For UVW Series Only Resistor Carbon 100k

Our Item# 124944111
Mfr# 124944111
Refer To Sony Bulletin#50-1995-023, For UVW Series Only, Resistor, Carbon 100k Ohm
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Product Notes

Model: UVW-1200/1400/1400a/1600/1700g
Serial No:
10, 001-11, 810 (UVW-1200)
10, 001–11, 140 (UVW-1400)
10, 001-10, 410 (UVW-1400a)
10, 001–13, 970 (UVW-1600)
10, 001-10, 280 (UVW-1700g)
10, 001-20, 570 (UVW-1800)
10, 001-10, 030 (UVW-1800p)
After Head Drum Replacement, The Drum Servo May
Unlock. Perform The Following Modification Procedure Part No. Description Qty.
When Replacing The Head Drum Assembly.

Parts Required
1-247-879-11 Resistor, Carbon, 100k Ohm  Qty-1

Modification Procedure
Upon Replacing The Head Drum Assembly, Also Replace
R307 On Dr-214 Board (Zone E-4, Side A) With A
100k Ohm) Resistor.