Sony ECM88PT Lavalier Microphone Miniature Black Pigtails No Connnector Includes Tie Bar

Our Item# ECM88B-PT-ACC
Mfr# ECM88PT
Lavalier Microphone, Miniature, Black, Pigtails, No Connnector, Includes Tie Bar & Windscreen
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Product Notes

The ECM-88 Is A Miniature Omni-Directional Electret-Condenser Microphone Ideally Suited For Quality-Critical Applications In Broadcasting, Theater And Field Production. This Lavalier Mic Achieves High-Sensitivity And Has A Flat-And-Wide Frequency Response. The ECM-88 Offers Extremely Low Handling Noise With Unparalleled High Sound Quality. The ECM-88 Has A Sony 4-Pin Connector (Smc9-4p) To Connect With Wrt-8b Or Wrt-822b Wireless Transmitters. A Pigtail Version (ECM-88pt) Is Also Available, As Well As A DC Power Supply Unit (Dc-78) Containing A XLR 3-Pin Output Connector.  

• Ideal For Broadcast, Theater, Field Production And Music Applications  
• Omni Directional Dual-Diaphragm Design With Unparalleled Sound Quality  
• Ultra-Compact Microphone Capsule With A Flat-And-Wide Frequency Response  
• Extremely Low Cable Handling Noise  
• Water-Resistant Design  

• Low Handling Noise
Moving Around While Wearing A Lavalier Mic Can Often Cause Lav Mic Cables To Rub Against A Users Clothing. In Many Existing Lavalier Mic Designs, This (Frequently Unavoidable) Body Movement Can Cause Loud Undesirable Handling Noise. The ECM-88 Radically Reduces This Handling Noise Making It Ideal For Use In Applications Where Users Are Moving.

• Flat-And-Wide Frequency Response
Many Lavalier Microphones Are Specifically Optimized For Speech Reproduction And Have Limited Use In Other Applications. The ECM-88 Extends It's Frequency Response Beyond The Range Of Speech Reproduction, And Can Be Used For Many High Quality Sound Applications Requiring A Miniature Mic That Can Easily Be Concealed.

• Capsule Type: Electret Condenser
• Directivity: Omni-Directional
• Frequency Response: 20 Hz To 20 Khz
• Sensitivity:  -52 Db +/- 2 Db (When Used In Conjunction With The DC-78), 0db = 1 V/Pa., At 1 Khz
• Output Impedance: 100 Ohms +/- 20% (When Used In Conjuction With The DC-78)
• Dynamic Range: 99 Db Or More
• Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 68 Db Or More (A-Weighted, 1 Khz, 1pa.)
• Inherent Noise: 26 Db Spl Or Less (A-Weighted, 1khz, 1 Pa.), 0db Spl = 20u Pa.
• Wind Noise: 45 Db Spl Or Less (When Using The Supplied Windscreen), 0db Spl = 20u Pa.
• Induction Noise From External Magnetic Field: 5 Db Spl Or Less (When Used In Conjunction With The DC-78), 0db Spl = 20u Pa.
• Maximum Input Sound Pressure Level: 125 Db Spl, Odb Spl = 20u Pa.
• Cable Length:  8.2 Feet
• Output Connector:  ECM-88: Smc9-4p, ECM-88pt: No Connector (Pigtail)  
• Power Requirements:  DC 1.1 To 10.0 V
• Dimensions (Mic Capsule):  .156 X .156 X .688 Inches  (3.97 X 3.97 X 17.46 mm)
• Weight:  ECM-88: 32 Grams (Including Mic Cable), ECM-88pt: 20 Grams (Including Mic Cable)

Also Available In Flesh Color As A  Special Order, Use #ECM88f-Pt-Acc