Electro-Voice RE50B Microphone Handheld Omni-Directional Interview Mic Black 7.75" 197 mm Long

Our Item# EV-RE50B
Mfr# RE50B
Microphone, Handheld, Omni-Directional, Interview Mic, Black, 7.75" (197 mm) Long
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Product Notes

Description And Applications
The Electro-Voice Re50 And Re50/B Are Specially Shock-Isolated, Omnidirectional, Dynamic Microphones Created For The Most Exacting Professional Applications.

An Advancement In Shock-Mounting Techniques, They Were Designed Particularly For Hand-Held Broadcast And Sound Reinforcement Use. All Handling Noises, Clothing Noises, And Even Cord Shock Have Been Isolated From The Microphone Element So That Mechanical Induced Noise Is Greatly Reduced. By Use Of A High-Mass Zinc Internal Acoustic Chamber, Shock-Mounted Within The Machined Aluminum Outercasing, The Re50 And Re50/B Offer A Degree Of Isolation Unprecedented In An Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone.

The Internal Transducer Uses A Mechanical Nesting Concept All Its Own. Each Part Is Nested Inside Another So That The Transducer (Head Assembly) Is Nearly A Solid Structure. It Is Highly Resistant To Damage From Shock. The Diaphragm Is Unaffected By Temperature Extremes And Atmospheric Conditions. A Carefully Designed Integral Windscreen And Blast Filter Provides Excellent Protection From Wind Noise, Excessive Sibilance, And Annoying “p-Popping”. The Re50 And Re50/B Have A Grille That Bounces Back To Retain Its Shape. A Four-Stage Pop Filter Prevents Dust And Magnetic Particles From Reaching The Diaphragm. The Re50/B’s Attractive, Nonreflecting, Semi-Gloss Black Finish Is Ideal For On-Camera Use.

Architects’ And Engineers’ Specifications
The Microphone Shall Be An Omnidirectional, Dynamic Type With Broadcast Range Response From 80 To 13000 Hz. It Shall Employ A Highmass Zinc Acoustic Chamber, Integral With The Head Assembly That Shall Be Shock-Isolated Within An External Aluminum Case. It Shall Have A Four-Stage Pop Filter To Prevent Dust And Magnetic Particles From Reaching The Diaphragm. Nominal Impedance Shall Be 150 Ohms (Such That It Will Match 50-, 150-, And 250-Ohm Inputs). The Line Shall Be Balanced To Ground And Phased.

Output Level Shall Be -55 Db With 0 Db Equalling 1 Mw/Pascal. The Magnetic Circuit Shall Be A Non-Welded Circuit And Employ Alnico V And Magnetic Iron. The Inner Case Shall Be Made Of Zinc And The Outer Case Of Machined Aluminum.

The Microphone Shall Have A Maximum Diameter Of 49 mm (1.94 in.) And A Length Of 197 mm (7.75 in.). Shank Diameter Shall Be 25 mm (1 .O in.). Weight Shall Be 269 Grams (9.5 Oz.). Finish Shall Be Semi-Gloss Black. The Microphone Shall Have A Built-In Connector Similar Or Equivalent To The Switchcraft A3m.
The Electro-Voice Model Re50 And Re50/B Are Specified.

Element: Dynamic
Frequency Response: 80-13000 Hz
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Impedance: Lo-Z (150 Ohms)
Output Level: -55 Db (0 Db - 1 Mw/Pascal)
Case Material: Aluminum
197 mm (7.75 in.) Long,
49 mm (I .94 in.) Max. Diameter,
25 mm (1 .O in.) Shank Diameter
Re50/B: Semi-Gloss Black
Re50: Fawn Beige

Net Weight: 269 Grams (9.5 Oz.)
Shipping Weight: 539 Grams (19 Oz.)
Package Size:
133.4 mm (5.25 in.) Wide,
76.2 mm (3.0 in.) High,
241.3 mm (9.5 in.) Long

Accessory Included:
-Model 323 Stand Adapter
-4.6 M (15 Ft). P-Conductor Shielded, Broadcast-Type Cable, Rubber-Jacketed With Switchcraft A3f Connector.

Optional Accessories:
-Model 400 Desk Stand
-Model 422 Desk Stand
-Model 423a Desk Stand