SA&J 10HFP-3XM/3XF-6 Cable Paint Box Extension Rmm7g Paint Box End 10pin Hrs To 2 XLRs

Cable, Paint Box Extension (Rmm7g Paint Box End), 10pin Hrs To (2) XLR Connectors, 6 ft.
SA & J Electronics Inc.
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Extend Your Sony Paint Box With (2) Ordinary 3pin XLR Audio Cables, When You Use Our Camera End And Paint Box End Adapter Cables.  These Two Cables Take The Place Of The Expensive Sony O.E.M Cable And Provides You With 95%* Of The Functions. 

Each Adapter Cable Is 6 Feet Long, And Terminates With A 6pin Hirose Connector On One End And One 3pin XLR Female And One 3pin XLR Male On The Other.  The XLR Genders Are Different On Each Adapter Cable, So You Can't Cross Connect Them.  Whether You Need A 10, 50 Or 200 Foot Run, As Long As You Have Enough Audio Cable It's No Problem. 

* Please Note: That This Cable Does Not Provide Video Monitoring Via The BNC Jack On The Paint Box; You Would Need To Run A Separate Coax Video Line For Monitoring... Otherwise All Other Functions Are Operational.

For The Rmp9 Paint Box Use: #6hfp-3XM/3XF-6 For The Paint Box End And #6hmp-3XM/3XF-6 For The Camera End.
For The Rmm7g Paint Box Use: #10hfp-3XM/3XF-6 For The Paint Box End And #6hmp-3XM/3XF-6 For The Camera End On A BVW/BVP Series Camera Or #10hmp-3XM/3XF-6 For The Camera End On A DXC/DSR Series Camera.
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