Sachtler 1505 Video 15 SB Fluid Head 100mm

Tripod Fluid Head, Video 15SB (V15SB), Supports 2.2 - 37 lbs., 4" Ball (100mm), 0-7 Drag Settings On Tilt & Pan Dials
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The New V15 Closes The Gap Between DV12 And Video 18. The Fluid Head Is Perfectly Designed For The Latest Generation Of Digital Camera Equipment. Like The DV12, The V15’s Balance Plate Ensures Perfect Counterbalance Of The Camera Weight Across The Vertical Plane. Torsion Springs Quickly And Easily Compensate For Torques As The Camera Tilts. And You Don’t Have To Hold The Camera During Tilts, Freeing You To Concentrate Fully On Your Camerawork.

The Advantages:
• Low Weight
• Compact Design
• Black Non-Reflective Finish
• Balance Plate With Touch & Go Camera Plate
• Fine Tuned, Patented, Seven Step Fluid Damping, Leakproof And Frictionless,
  Reproducable At Any Payload And Temperature And Fully Matched In Pan And Tilt
• Excellent Function Of  Horizontal And Vertical Brakes For Freezing The Picture On-Air
• Simple, Robust And Safe Design Avoids Any Danger Of Finger And Cable Trapping
• Integrated Flat Base Mount Fits For All Sachtler C I, C Ii And Combi Pedestals
• Maintenance Free, Proven Technology
• Self Illuminating Touch Bubble
• Tilt Angle Of +90° Even With Maximum Payload
• Quick And Easy To Service


2.9 Kg / 6.4 Lb 

15 Kg / 33 Lb 

Approximately 7 - 15 Kg /15.4 - 33 Lb 

Balance Plate:   
70 mm / 2.8" Sliding Range 

Grades Of Drag:   
7 Each Horizontal And Vertical, 0 

Tilt Range:   
+90° To –75° Even With Max. Payload 

Temperature Range:   
-40 To +60° C / -40 To +140° F 

Camera Fitting:   
One Touch & Go Camera Wedge Plate 16 (#1064) With 1/4" And 3/8" Screws Supplied

Pan Bar:   
One Standard Pan Arm (#1075) Supplied

Touch Bubble Illumination:   
Adjustable Between 20 And 45 Seconds 

Touch Bubble Battery:   
3 X 625 U Or Lr 9 

Tripod Fitting:   
100 mm / 3.9" Half-Ball

Items To Note From
• Better Pan Braking System Than Other DV Series Models; Pan Brake On DV15 Is Similar To Video 18 Pan Brake
• Tilt Range: +90°/-70°; Compared To V18P With +/- 90° Tilt
• Uses Same Wedge Plate As V18P (#1064)
• Smaller Diameter & Non-Removeable Rosette Attachments For Pan Arm

Video 15 SB
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