SA&J 2TA5F-2TA3F-XX 2-Channel Mic Level Mixer Out To Lectro Wireless Transmitter Cable

2 ft. Dual Cable, Mixer Out, (2) 3pin Mini Females (TA3F) To (2) 5pin Mini Female (TA5F), For UHF Lectro Systems Only, Mic Level, For Mixers: Cooper CS104, Sound Devices 442, PSC Alphamix, etc.
SA & J Electronics Inc.
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This Is A Specialty Cable Used With A Cooper Mixer.  This Cable Utilizes The Cooper Mixer's Additional 3pin TA Type Mini Outputs To Feed Both The Left & Right Mic Level Output Of The Mixer To (2) Lectrosonics M-Series Transmitters.  This Allows Your Regular 3pin XLR Outputs To Be Freed Up To Use However You Please.  This Cable Comes In Either 18 Inch Or 42 Inch Lengths.

For UHF Systems You Can Use Either The 18 Inch Cable Or The 42 Inch Cable.

For VHF Systems You Must Use The 42" Cable  (Both Cables Are Wired The Same, However Some VHF Systems Use The Mic Cable As An Antenna, Therefore The Cable Must Be Between 37" And 42" To Insure Optimal Performance).

For Line Level Audio Order# 2TA5F-2TA3F-45db-18"
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