Sony ECM44B-TA5F-ACC Lavalier Mic Electret Omni-Directional With TA5F Wired For Lectrosonics

Mic, Lavalier, Electret, Omni-Directional, With TA5F Wired Universal For Use With Both New & Old Lectrosonics Wireless Transmitters, Includes Tie Bar & Windscreen

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Miniature Electret Condenser Lavaliere Microphone. Black Anodized Finish. Omni-Directional.

Wired Universal With TA5F For Both Old & New Lectrosonics Wireless Transmitters (SM Series Sm Sma SMV SMQV SMDa LT LMb UM400 UM200 UM250 UM195 UM190 UM100 M187 M185)

• Excellent Cost/Performance Ratio   
• Omni Directional, Broadcast Quality, Electret Condenser Lavaliere
• 40-15000 Hz Frequency Response
• Includes Windscreen & Tie Bar
• 1 Year Warranty On Mic Head Through Sony.  90 Days On Connector.


Mic Head
Size: 8.5 X 14.5mm ( 11/32 X 19/32"), 2g (0.07 Oz) Microphone Head 
Capsule Type: Electret Condenser
Frequency Response:  40-15000hz
Directivity:  Omni
Dynamic Range:  Equal To Or Greater Than (90db)
Signal-To-Noise Ratio (A Weighted, 1khz, 1 Pa.):  Equal To Or Greater Than (62Db)
Inherent Noise (0db Spl =20(Pa.):  Equal To Or Less Than(32Db Spl)
Wind Noise (W/Wind Screen): Equal To Or Less Than(40db Spl)
Induction Noise From Ext. Magnetic Field:    (5db Spl/1 X 10ect)
Maximum Input Sound Pressure Level : 122Db Spl
Cable Length: 42 inches

Output Connector: 5pin Mini TA Type XLR (TA5F)
Cable Length: 42 inches

*** Power Supply Not Included ***
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