Sony ECM77B-TA5F-ACC Mic Lavalier Electret Omni-Directional High Performance With TA5F Connector

Mic, Lavalier, Electret, Omni-Directional, High Performance, With TA5F Connector Wired For Lectrosonics Transmitters, Includes Tie Bar & Windscreen Choose Compatible Wireless Transmitter Series:  Servo Bias Input Transmitters (Entire SM Series, UM400A) or Older Model Lectro Transmitters (M185 M187 UM190 UM195 UM200 UM400) or Universal for Use With Both Types  More Style Info
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Sony ECM77b-TA5F
• Ultra Miniature, OmniDirectional Electret Condenser Lavaliere
• Inconspicuous Design For Film And TV Production
• Also Works Well For Musical Recording Of Violins & Violas
• High Performance, Extended 40-20, 000 Hz Frequency Response
• Windscreen & Tie Bar Included
• 1 Year Warranty On Mic Head Through Sony.  90 Days On Connector.

Perfect For Television Applications, Sony's ECM77b Omni-Directional Electret Condenser Microphone Is A Miniature Lavalier Microphone Designed To Be Inconspicuous.

• Black Finish
• Capsule Type: Electret Condenser
• Frequency Response: 40-20000 Hz
• Directivity: Omni
• Microphone Cable: ~42 inches Long For Universal Wiring, ~46 inches For Servo Bias Wiring
• Size (Mic Head):  5.6 X 12.5mm (1/4 X 1/2"), 1.5g (0.04 Oz)
• Output Connector: 5pin Mini XLR Connector (TA5F)
• Sensitivity (0db=1v/Pa, At 1khz): -52.0db ±2Db
• Output Impedance At 1 Khz: 150ohms (Balanced)
• Dynamic Range: Equal To Or Greater Than 90db
• Signal To Noise Ratio (A Weighted, 1khz, 1pa.): Equal To Or Greater Than 64db
• Wind Noise (W/Wind Screen): Equal To Or Less Than 40db Spl
• Maximum Input Sound Pressure Level: Equal To Or Greater Than 120db Spl

Output Connector: 5pin Mini TA Type XLR (TA5F)
Cable Length: 42 inches

*** Power Supply Not Included ***
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