Lectrosonics M152/5P Mic Lavalier Electret OmniDirectional High Performance With TA5F Connector

Mic, Lavalier, Electret, OmniDirectional, High Performance, With TA5F Connector, Includes Tie Bar  Clip & Windscreen, Compatible With All Lectro Body Pack Transmitters, Old & New, M UM SM Series
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M152 Electret Microphone
The M152 Is A High Performance Microphone With Heavily Suppressed Mechanical Noise For Critical Applications. A Wide, Flat Frequency Response Is Augmented By A 2 Or 3 Db Bump In The Upper Octaves To Add A Crisper Sound. The Mic Capsule Should Be Positioned In The Center Of The Talker’s Chest, Not To Either Side, As High Up As Is Practical. In Windy Conditions, It Can Be Placed Underneath A Collar Or Thin Clothing To Reduce Wind Noise, Although This Will Dull The Sound Somewhat.

Sensitivity: 10mv Per Pascal / 100mv @ 114 Db Spl
Impedance: 3 K (2-6 K )
Polar Pattern: OmniDirectional
Freq Range: 20 - 20, 000 Hz
Max Operating Voltage: 10v
Standard Operating Voltage: 2v
Current Consumption: 30ua @ 1.3v
Signal/Noise Ratio: More Than 38db
Mic Head Size: 8.5mm X 4.5mm X 17.5mm (Does Not Include Strain Relief)

M152-TA5Fsm Includes Sheathing Over TA5F Connector To Make Connection More Water Resistant.  The M150 & M152 Mics Are Wired Opposite Polarity, So When Used Together They Will Be Out Of Phase.  You Should Reverse The Phase Using The Receiver Menu On One Of The Systems Or Use A Phase-Reversal Adapter.

Lectrosonics Faq: What Is The Newer M152 Lavalier? How Is It Different Compared To The Older M150 Lavaliere?  http://www.Lectrosonics.Com/Faq/Faq1byref.Php?id=60

Important Notice:
The M152 Microphone Features A New 2-Wire Configuration That Is Fully Compatible With Al Lectrosonics Transmitters, And Takes Advantage Of The "Servo" Input Circuitry On The Latest Models.  It Is Different From The M150 In The Following Ways:
• The Audio Phase Is Reversed From A Standard 3-Wire M150
• The Output Levelwhen Used With Earlier Transmitters Will Be Slightly Lower Than A Standard 3-Wire M150 Microphone

Same Mic Element As M150 But Wired As A 2-Wire Mic
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