Lectrosonics IS400 Wireless Musical Instrument System Package R400A Desktop Receiver & LMa

Wireless Musical Instrument System Package, R400A Desktop Receiver, LMb Transmitter (Body Pack), Rack Mount Kit, Mi39ara Or Mi39ast Instrument Cable Choose from Frequency Blocks: 470, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23  More Style Info
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Is400 Instrument System

    *  24-Bit, 88.2 Khz Digital Audio Stream For Compandor-Free Audio
    * 256 Synthesized UHF Frequencies
    * Rugged All-Metal Construction
    * R400A Receiver:
          O Low Noise, Robust Rf Front End
          O Independent XLR And 1/4" Audio Outputs
          O Smarttuning™ With Graphic Display For Easy Selection Of Clear Rf Frequencies
    * LMa Transmitter:
          O Spring Metal Clip For Secure Mounting
          O Level Indicators For Precise Gain Adjustment
          O Greater Than 50 Mw Rf Output For Long Range And Dropout-Free Performance

The Is400 And  Digital Hybrid Wireless™   Set New Standards For Wireless Instrument Systems. Flat Frequency Response, Low Distortion And Compandor-Free Operation Provides The Closest Thing To Using A High-Quality, Short Instrument Cable. The Graph Shows That The Is400 Reproduces The Lowest Fundamental From A 5-String Bass (Low B) At 32hz Up To The Very Highest Overtones And Harmonics.
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