Sennheiser EW112PG3 100 G3 Wireless Series Kit Sk100g3 Body Pack Transmitter With ME2

100 G3 Wireless Series, Kit: Sk100g3 Body Pack Transmitter With ME2 Omni-Directional Lavalier Mic & Ek100g3 Portable Receiver Choose from Frequency Blocks: A, B or G  More Style Info
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Fast, Flexible And Professional: These Characteristics Make The Ew 112-P G3 The Perfect Fit For Every Ambitious Reporting Team Seeking Both Portability And Great Sound Quality. The Nearly Invisible Clip-On Omni-Directional Microphone Transmits Its Signal Via A Bodypack Transmitter With Mute Function And A Portable, Battery-Powered Adaptive-Diversity Receiver. The Receiver And Transmitter Are Lightweight And Easy To Operate, Yet Rugged And Packed With Features.

    * Sturdy Metal Housing (Transmitter And Receiver)
    * 42 MHz Bandwidth: 1680 Tunable UHF Frequencies For Interference-Free Reception
    * Enhanced Frequency Bank System With Up To 12 Compatible Frequencies
    * Adaptive-Diversity Reception For High Reception Quality
    * Pilot Tone Squelch For Eliminating Rf Interference When Transmitter Is Turned Off
    * Automatic Frequency Scan Feature Searches For Available Frequencies
    * Enhanced Af Frequency Range
    * Increased Range For Audio Sensitivity
    * Wireless Synchronization Of Transmitters Via Infrared Interface
    * User-Friendly Menu Operation With More Control Options
    * Illuminated Graphic Display (Transmitter And Receiver)
    * Auto-Lock Function Avoids Accidental Changing Of Settings
    * HDX Compander For Crystal-Clear Sound
    * Transmitter And Receiver Feature Battery Indicatation In 4 Steps
    * Programmable Mute Function
    * Contacts For Recharging Ba 2015 Accupack Directly In The Transmitter Or Receiver
    * Wide Range Of Accessories Adapts The System To Any Requirement

Delivery Includes

    * Ek 100 G3 Diversity Receiver
    * Sk 100 G3 Bodypack Transmitter
    * Me 2 Clip-On Microphone (Omni-Directional)
    * Cl 1 Jack Cable
    * Cl 100 XLR Cable
    * Ca 2 Camera Adapter
    * 4 AA Batteries
    * Operating Instructions
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