Sending in Repairs

We do not use Return Authorization Numbers (RA#'s) for repairs.

To download the appropriate Repair Form, please select the item you want to send in for repair.

Please note we have different Service Facilities for different types of products, so please insure you are using the correct Repair Form from the list above as they are sent to different addresses.

When completing the Repair Form, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Include a detailed description of the problem you are having in the Complaint Section.
  • Include the Model# and Serial# (if known) of all equipment being sent in, as well as a description of all accessories included.
  • Include a Pre-Authorized Repair Amount**
  • Include how soon you need the item back, if you need it back on a specific date, please advise what day it needs to ship from our facility.
  • Include how you plan on paying for the repair (include your credit card # or PO# [established accounts only])
  • Include how you want the unit shipped back to you (we only ship via UPS), i.e. Ground, 2-Day, 1-Day.

Status Updates

You will automatically receive the following email updates as your equipment goes through our service process:

  • Receipt of Equipment Confirmation: letting you know we received your equipment and that it has been logged into our system.
  • Evaluation: after your unit is evaluated and an estimate is required, you will be informed of its expected date of completion and the estimated repair costs.
  • Shipping Confirmation: lets you know when and how your equipment has shipped along with a tracking number, as well as the final repair cost.

Pre-Authorized Repair Amount

A Pre-Authorized amount is a dollar figure that we are limited to before an estimate is given. Example: If you give a pre-authorized amount of $300, and we can fix the unit for $250, we don't need to call you during the course of the repair to get approval... and your unit is repaired while it's on the bench the first time around... nice and fast! If we anticipate that the repair will exceed your pre-authorized amount, we will give you a formal estimate, by fax or email, before repairs begin.  Providing us with a pre-authorized amount, gives both you and us, a feel for what costs are to be incurred. Please check out our current service/repair rates.

Our Minimum Pre-Authorized Amounts Per Item (excluding shipping) are:

  • $225 For Electronic Equipment
  • $258 For Tripods & Fluid Heads
  • $55 For Lavalier Microphones and Cables

If your not willing to spend these Minimum Amounts to get your items fixed, they are probably not broadcast or industrial grade equipment, and therefore we probably don't service it.  If the actual cost of repair ends up being less than these minimum amounts, we will charge you the lower amount, but initially you must authorize at least these minimums.

Refused Estimates will be charged an evaluation fee of two hours at the appropriate Hourly Rate or for Flat Labor Rate Repairs, the Flat Labor Rate will be charged. Exception: Lavalier Mics will be charged a $22 Evaluation Fee per Mic. Return shipping charges are additional.

Purchase Order Number

On the repair form, you have the option to include a purchase order number. This is a reference number you provide and we will include it on all correspondence and shipments to make it easier for you to track the repair on your side. You are not required to supply a number.

Ship Repairs To

The address to ship your repair to is stated on the appropriate Repair Form.

Some Do's & Do Not's

  • DO make sure that the Repair Form is Completely Filled Out.
  • DO pack your repair item safely and securely.
  • DON'T just say "It doesn't work" or "Checkout"...  Most things do more than one function, so "It doesn't work" really doesn't apply. We checkout and bench test every item, however not all problems occur 100% of the time, so if you are experiencing a specific problem let us know so we can focus more attention to that area.
  • DON'T say you need the item back ASAP, but then ship it Ground...  If everybody did this nobody would get their repairs back fast.  We do our best to complete repairs on your time frame based on our workload.
  • DON'T put tape or labels on repair items as doing so will leave a long lasting adhesive residue. If you want to mark an area in need of repair, use a small piece of easily removable tape.